Natalie & Sam

Town Hall Hotel Photographer

" Samantha helped so much in terms of planning our day, and making sure we were happy, supported and comfortable throughout. On the day, she was there for me when I was nervous or frustrated (just the once with one of our providers!). She was an immense and trusted constant throughout the day and evening. I wanted to be her friend, she was just such a joy! She also captured all of our happy and emotional moments so beautifully. "
Natalie Peach, Bride

Natalie's Style

Natalie's dress created a beautiful flowing silhouette and was punctuated with an oversize fun bow. I think it is such a great idea to play with your look. Natalies fashionable style sat well in this East London venue. Natalie also had the most gorgeous heart shaped manicure which was such a beautiful contrast to her antique Emerald ring.

The Town Hall Hotel one of my absolute favourites to shoot. The Town Hall hotel is not only so well organised and helpful but abundant in glorious backdrops for your photo's. I find the location suits my couple's so well as it is effortlessly stylish but also a little quirky. There's a slight eccentricity there which makes it stand apart from most Hotel venue's.