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A life In Images

It started very, very young I mean as young as it gets. My parents owned a video shop. My twin brother and I were the youngest recruits. The cult films of 80's, 90's and noughties were our babysitter. Watching a disproportionally high number of cult films, well these were my earliest memories and how I framed the world through growing eyes.

From there I picked up a camera at college and then university.

I moved to London and managed a photographic studio whilst studying in the evening and shooting a portfolio over the weekends in makeup... I progressed into makeup and styling in high end photography and film.

I worked in film and fashion for 15 years and was lucky enough to be trained by some of the best photographers. Along the way I also trained at The Royal Photographic Society and The London School of Publishing. I was so thrilled to be taught picture editing by Celina Dunlop, for many years one of the most respected photo editors in the country. Once I reached this pinnacle of my photography journey I decided to launch my photography business. I feel so privileged to have had such an amazing array of expert mentors.

Family Is My Life

I was a late mum but my little dude is my best friend. He rocks (every mum thinks thier baby is the coolest btw...)

My twin brother helps on my shoots he is also one of my best friends. He is calm, kind and honest. He is a total blessing to have on weddings. He shoots still life and details.

My mother is one of my best friends. A strong woman who taught me how to go out there and fight for what you want.

My clients always end up more like friends, my work is my family too. A network of long loved fellow creatives and past couples. Wedding photography really is a way of life. This is why I choose to only shoot a maximum of 25 weddings per year. I truly believe to tell your story I want to be available to you as much as I can be. Telling your story will become my entire focus until your day has been and gone in all its glory.

Every time I photograph I fall into the zone of pure enjoyment. I love everything about it. The art of it, the people I'm photographing, the post edit where you get to paint in light and subframes..

Marzipan Addict

I can eat a whole pack like I just inhaled air.... I do feel this is a talent we just haven't found out why yet....

Other interesting facts ...I ran the London marathon in 4 and half hours with only 8 miles training. Stupid but not a quitter..

I did makeup for many years and did makeup for Benedict Cumber batch the Game of Thrones cast and The London Dungeons!

Having spent years working with models and celebrities I could be an olympic athlete in diplomacy...

I nearly bought a Banksy once for 80 pounds but thought it was too much money.... this still HURTS

I am a softy and will cry at happy moments but I hide it behind very British distraction techniques!

On a wedding day I like to feel like a friend, I want to be there to help. Ofcourse my first job is to blend in and capture the day. But if I can help with the door, hold a drink whilst you carry your dress, or call in the wedding guests for you I will . I know how joyful a wedding day is but also how much work it can be. I like to think I have two hats the helper and the leader and I am happy to switch those hats when ever it is needed.

East London Soul

I found myself in East London... a place where you were free to be whoever you wanted to be. And learn from a million cultures. It's where my mind came alive and all those stored images burst out into the expression of clothing, dance and the photographic industry.

After 15 years in London I moved to be near my parents with my son just outside London. But I spend most of my working life in East London. I have to return to the Brcklayers Arms atleast once every two months to sniff the dirty carpets and see the raffle that is life in the drinking seats. its a living music video in all the best ways. I still find the east and north of London one of the most inspiring places to work and shoot here often.

Having been so fortunate to travel with my couples all over the world I would also say I am traveller at heart. So if your not in East London I would love to come visit you. Id say the best thing about East London is its open view on the world which definitely gave me my willing nature to see it. I love following you to your corner of life. Where do you live? What do you love about it ? I love getting to know.. Any location I haven't photographed I make it my focus to get to know throughly before your day.