I can move one eye independently of the other, .

I look way too wholesome in photos...

I am a marmite lover, deal with it

My friends think im funny, honest here's the evidence

East London is my happy place...

Always wanting to know more about you...

I have a long history working in film and I think that shows in my work. I adore emotive film stills

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Samantha Portman Award Winning Photographer based near London.

Will travel for chocolate...

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A life In Images

I first picked up a camera at college and then at university as part of my degree.

I moved to London and managed a photographic studio whilst studying fashion makeup in the evening and creating a portfolio over the weekends.. At the photography studio I ordered lighting and assisted with photographic production. I did this for just over a year before spending the next decade plus in celebrity makeup.

My love for photography never went away, in fact it only grew

Along the way I studied at The London School of Publishing. I was lucky enough to be taught picture/photo editing by Celina Dunlop, the picture editor for The Economist at the time. I then took a course at The Royal Photographic Society. I truly love photography and film making. I love meeting new couples and recording your special moments, it is truly rewarding.

Family Is My Life

I was a late mum but my little dude is my best friend. He rocks (every mum thinks thier baby is the coolest btw...)

My twin brother helps on my shoots he is also one of my best friends. He is calm, kind and honest. He is a total blessing to have on weddings. He shoots still life and details.

My mother is one of my best friends. A strong woman who taught me how to go out there and fight for what you want. My family is so important to me

I think this is why I enjoy wedding photography so much, not only do I get to express my years of creativity working in film and fashion through the editing style. I also get to look after your friends and family, make them feel comfortable, record thier interactions with you. I know how much this means. I live close to my family about 35 minutes from London. But I am mostly found in East London and Brighton to see friends and all of the Uk for my wedding clients .