I love to capture authentic moments that are authentically emotive.. My approach is to observe until needed. I will step in to create those striking group shots or slightly alternative couple shots so that you can completely relax knowing I am there to help all day. I will be the friend that organises the confetti shot, convinces the besties to leave their drinks for a minute for the group photo's and arranges your dress so that you get to celebrate just how epic you look without worry. It is nice to be left to just be you but it is also to have the help you'll need....I believe in giving you all the options.

For the most part will observe and capture the natural flow of your day, those in between moments are the real story. There are many parts to a wedding day although and couple portraits are for you and something unique. This is a moment frozen in time and I want you to look and feel amazing in them. We control these so that it can be your own private celebration in a photo for you to decide how you want to look and immortalise your couple moments.

This is where the fashion journalism always comes in handy. I use all my experience to create the couple portrait that you are so proud of and love, whilst allowing yourselves to be authentically you. Its you but you are your very best. You may have ideas of your own we can work with, or you may want something fun. its all about capturing your unique personality and love, for you as a couple to have for your whole life, to hang on the wall or frame as just your moment. For me being able to combine documentary photography to cover your wedding and then add in these editorial like couple shots means everything is offered to you.

Click on the button at the bottom to view the couple portraits I have created on the wedding day with my amazing couples .

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