How many photos do we get?

It all depends on how long you have me or the team booked for. If it is a micro session then around 250 edited shots. If it is a full day then around 450 shots.

Do you retouch photos?

The simple answer is yes. Why? Well its not that hard to take an ok picture on a slick DSLR. But the art is beyond that... The art comes in how it is edited to show your day as beautifully and as accurately as it can be. I strive for real but stand apart images. My style is reportage but with an immaculate edit. This the extra mile I will go.. .
I trained at The London School of Publishing with Celina Dunlop the picture editor for The Economist. To advance my retouch I regularly update my skills with online courses. I am a retouch NERD. Good retouch is not heavy it is not fake it is merely taking. a real moment and making it into not only a real moment but a stunning photograph.

Do you Travel?

Yes myself and my team travel to wherever you wish us to go.
Nationally and Internationally.
London and Brighton are our home areas and so involve no added costs.
If you are outside of these areas mileage will be charged at 0.25 a mile from either Brighton or London whichever is closest to you ! But in lamens terns its a small cost.
If your event is in Europe £500 is required to cover all flights, transfer and hotel. Thats it one flat rate. No hidden costs or add ons.
If your event is abroad internationally, then it will be the cost of flights plus the £500.

How do we get our photos?

Well friends it is now the future and everything is online gallery download. Why? Firstly it is the most simple for you to use and can't be lost.
Secondly these online servers are incredibly helpful for you. They resize images if you want to share to social media, they can be downloaded as an album in one go. Or you can individually choose a photo to download. You can order professional lab quality prints direct to your door. Or choose to download and save, giving you the option to print anywhere you choose.
As your own personal back up for life you have your very own USB with all the images on. This is presented in a personalised wooden box.

Whats your turn around time?

6-8 weeks. I will lovingly slave over each and every image to ensure it looks beautiful. And I will never miss your deadline.

How long have you been doing this?

I studied photography at college over 20 years ago and at University as part of my fashion courses. So I have been taking photos forever. Wedding photography is new as I am combining all my history in the media photographic and film world to bring a new style of wedding photography. It is a style and commitment to the craft I am passionate about. To make all your shots a work of art with the magic of a movie still but the realness of a reportage shot.
I know a lot about brides, having also had an award winning business in wedding makeup since 2006. I am very familiar with what makes a happy wedding and what makes a high quality wedding photograph. The experience in the media indsustry and the experience of working so closely with brides means the two skill sets have given me a wide range of experience to draw on. So I have lots of experience in all the right places but with fresh enthusiasm for your wedding photography.

How do we book you?

Just write my name in the sky !! Orrrr alternatively do it the old fashioned way. Email me with all your wedding details (or some if your time pushed )and lets see if my style is the perfect fit for you. If it is then ill just ask you to place a 50 percent deposit. The rest will be payable one month before the wedding date.

Can you help us with planning?

In a way I do indirectly ,but only partly. When you book me to do your photography I will compile a time planner. This will say when I will arrive and what I will shoot. It will say when I leave you in the morning to go to the ceremony just ahead of you and from then on, the whole day. Also if you would like them, when we do couple shots and a group shot.. This is so you can be calm and stress free knowing I have it all in hand for you.: And if you are a super laid back couple, who hates the idea of a time planner, I have you covered there too. I can go with the flow capturing the day purely and only as it happens....all options are open.

How far in advance do you book?

3 years in advance is my max presently.

Should I Have an Engagement Shoot?

This is totally up to you. It does mean we get to know each other before the da. We can have a few giggles tell a few stories, eat some carrot cake. You can practice feeling at ease in front of the camera too ,which is actually fun and good prep.
If you hate the camera?
My job is to get the shots on the day whilst ensuring you feel comfortable. I can do this even if you don't like the camera so don't worry !
If you would like an engagement shoot, we will discuss a lovely local location and what clothes you might like to wear.
I will shoot approx 50 images and edit 10 for you all frame worthy....
An engagement shoot is £350

Why should we book you?

Read about me on this site I created and get to know me. Like my work? well that's a massive start as its a fairly unique modern style. Want to know a bit more? Well have a zoom chat with me there's no pressure to book I am just as keen to see if we are a great fit, Because then we can create some truly beautiful photos for you.

A sure thing is my passion for your day. I care about each and every single shot as individual pieces to consider, that is passion. I believe in taking around 500 shots of which every single one could be frame worthy. Every single shot is lovingly hand crafted in the edit suite to ensure whilst it is an accurate memory of your day it can also be beautiful in every way...I don't believe in batch processing or always sticking the camera on auto that's not why you hired me. I like to provide high end images but with a laid back fun vibe. So you get great images but a relaxed day...

I have a very big wedding do you have a team?

I am the luckiest girl here my team are truly the A team. My twin brother does all the details shots. Why? It suits him he is gentle kind observant and passionate about details. He is a silent ninja of a photographer he is in and out and home.

I am very selective with my team and I only book those highly recommended by other professionals.
Who does the editing.
After the shoot is the edit. Which is just as important as the shooting of the pictures. I am passionate about editing and presentation. I always have been. Its always been there, as a hobby I studied with Celina Dunlop the picture editor of The Economist to hone these skills. And over a decade later that experience still lives on.
I am a re touch NERD
I love subtle retouching, this is correct cropping, painting in extra light, or removing unsightly distractions...
Its what makes a great moment into timeless clean striking photo for you to keep. It takes a reportage image and keeps it real whilst ensuring it is also magical.
It is for all these reasons only I will edit the pictures. I want full control and to apply the correct subtle editing.

Do you meet before the day?

If you have decided not to have an engagement shoot then I can and will meet for coffee.
I totally believe a face to face meeting is essential . I want to get to know you everything lovely quirkily thing about what makes you tick as a couple. I am your official diarist for one of you most important days of your life.

Whilst we are in a Pandemic we will be safe and do the face to face thing over Zoom!

So lets hang out be friends and make this happen.