Creative, Cinematic and Charismatic Wedding Photography, that is in the now like you....

A true document of your day done your way. Laid back wedding photography for the modern couple....

I don't really believe in timeless wedding photos. My favourite photos are of my mum and dad in the 70s at thier wedding. My mother has on a light blue velvet two piece and my dad is wearing flares. Everything about thier day screams the 70's. We all love the fact we can see what life was like in those photos, its a snippet of time stood still. Living your day is living who you are at that moment, when in that moment and who with. One day you will love the fact that moment was captured forever to keep. Timeless to me is another word for always in style. Always in style to me is your true love, and life as it was. Not fabricated for a certain look. Lets celebrate your day, capture every colour in its true form, every fashion statement in its true form and every laugh in its true of the moment form. Your day is a marker in your life for so many things, celebrate it freely and let me record it for you in every minute detail exactly as it was, so that you can just sit back and enjoy.

Hello there I am Sam otherwise known in the wedding photography business as 'Peach'.

I am based in Angel, London but travel the globe for my wedding clients. I love to travel, be it Brighton, Edinburgh, Las Vegas or Italy... I have been fortunate to follow my couples all over the world.

I have a long history in film and fashion. I always try use this experience to create not only authentic photos, but beautiful ones. Reportage can still be dreamy. Real life shot with a creative eye, beautiful light, and killer quick timing..

Your day is a culmination of all your hard work and love for each other. I dedicate myself to your day and I will be there with you every step of the way. I am your new mate, your mini wedding planner and photo diarist all rolled into one. Just shout my name and im there!

Id say my style is.....

“A non traditionalist at heart my photography is creative, charismatic and informal. My focus is to capture every detail of your day., ensuring to capture every moment, accurately and stylishly. After a decade of working in the film and media industry all my work has a style led edge.
I like to mix this with the relaxed authenticity of reportage. "

As a full time pro photographer I choose to focus on just 25 weddings a year. I choose quality over quantity every time.”

Hi there I'm peach

don't worry its just a nickname...

Photography and Film GEEK.
East End London Girl
Cult Movie Addict
Lover Of Rock
Boat Person
Tim Minchin fan
Brownies For Breakfast (Often)
Hugger (when its legal again)
Laid Back Laughs
Eats, Drinks, Breathes Photography
Wedding Inspo Addict
Photographer For The Modern Couple

Graduate of
The Royal Photographic Society
The London College of Fashion
The London School of Publishing

And totally in love with my job to shoot your wedding.

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